Working groups stirring papers

Experts on all topics from academia and civil society were invited to prepare short papers which serve as a starting or kick-off point for discussion in the working groups. These are called stirring papers and are available here.

STIRRING PAPERS ARE UPLOADED INSIDE EACH WORKING GROUP SECTION. In addition to English they are sometimes available in French, Spanish, Italian or Catalan.

Saturday March 27th

Political (and research) proposals elaboration

1.   Money and currencies
2.   New financial institutions
3.   Social economy, changing the corporation status
4.   Property rights
5.   Work-sharing
6.   Moratoria on new infrastructures
7.   How to deal with advertising
8.   Reduction of natural resource exploitation
9.   Zero-waste
10. Degrowth in water consumption
11. Reusing empty houses and co-housing 
12. Basic income and income ceiling
13. New technologies
29. Education

Sunday March 28th

Research (and political) proposals elaboration

14. Social metabolism and transitions
15. Cities and degrowth
16. Agro-ecology, food sovereignty and degrowth
17. Trade degrowth
18. Participative/direct democracy
19. Political strategies
20. Demography and degrowth
21. Demilitarisation and degrowth
22. Energy degrowth and the transition to renewable energies
23. Environmental justice, the environmentalism of the poor and degrowth
24. Social security and pensions 
25. Human nature and degrowth
26. New (macro)economic models for degrowth
27. Indicators for degrowth
28. Economic degrowth and the Steady state

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