Climate Change and Economic Crisis: Is prosperity possible without growth?

The degrowth proposal: what is it about, how do we achieve it?

Degrowth: are we exporting a Western idea? Does it make sense for the rest of the world?

Oral sessions

Managing Degrowth: Employment, Security and the Economy under a degrowth trajectory

Beyond Sustainable Development: Sustainable Degrowth towards a Steady-State

Degrowth, Capitalist Institutions and Democracy

Growth is unsustainable. Long live degrowth?

Making it real. Practical transformations towards degrowth

Poster sessions

Work and employment

Degrowth: Theory and ideas I

Degrowth: Theory and ideas II

Climate change and energy

Degrowth beyond Europe and the West

Degrowth Economics, the crisis and businesses

Knowledge, education and technology

Food and agriculture

Politics and democracy

Indicators and methods

Transport and cities


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