Objectives of the conference

Objectives of the Barcelona Degrowth conference include:

Create cooperative research around the topic of degrowth that brings together scientist from diverse backgrounds and civil society;

Elaborate, discuss and develop concrete policy proposals and research priorities in the areas of money, work, infrastructure, advertising, natural resources, housing, basic income and income ceiling and many others (see annexes);

Test a new model of organizing a conference, based on participative methods for the development of policies and research priorities around the topic of degrowth.
The Barcelona conference will result in the following:

  1. A declaration based on the outcomes of the working groups including concrete proposals for policy action and research agenda for socially sustainable economic degrowth.
  2. A publication with proceedings from the conference including scientific articles presented in the poster sessions, steering papers, working group results and statements.
  3. Articles and special issues, published in scientific journals.
  4. Press releases and public outreach.
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