Civil Society Committee


Responsibles: Leida Rijnhout (ANPED), Filka Sekulova and Federico Demaria (ICTA)


The degrowth movements and ideas have been spread and discussed within a wide spectrum of society, giving rise to many meetings, conferences, marches, books, political debates (including in the European Parliament), magazines and the establishment of many local groups in France, Spain and Italy.


The degrowth perspective challenges the growth dogma that blocks the evolution of society towards social and environmental justice. Degrowth touches on the material and energy flow infrastructure, on economic institutions, on the structures that maintain inequality, on advertising, and many other aspects of society. It therefore carries ideas which can be applied to various fields, including climate change, sustainable development, international financial institutions, environmental protection, creating links between different NGO initiatives.

The contribution of civil society groups to the discussion and development of the policy proposals is crucial. We also believe that the ideas and links that emerge in the working groups, and in the conference in general, will be highly relevant for NGO campaigns and work.

So far the NGOs that have adhere to our proposal are:

·       FOEI:

·       FOEI Finland:

·       ASUD:

·       Ecologistas en acción:

·       WDM:

·       CEPA (Ecology Centre and Alternative Projects):<wbr>es-el-cepa.html

·       Federació d'ecologistes de Catalunya (Catalan Federation of ecologists):<wbr>federacio-ecologistes-de-<wbr>catalunya.html

·       CRIC (Revista Opcions)

·       Rete per la decrescita

·       Illacrua Directa

·       Col·lectiu d'Estudis sobre Cooperació i Desenvolupament (ElCol·lectiu)http://www.portal-<wbr>

·       Observatorio para la CiberSociedad

·       The Northern Alliance for Sustainability (ANPED)

·       Amigos de la Tierra España

·       Michael Narberhaus, WWF

·       NOAH

·       Campus per la pau

·       Entropia Revue Politique et Théorique de la Décroissance

·       Settimanale Carta<wbr>decrescita/19318




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